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Frequently Asked Questions:
I do not want to insult my therapist, what if I fall asleep?

On the contrary, what a compliment!  If you are comfortable enough to fall
asleep during a session, then we as therapists are providing a safe and relaxing
atmosphere.  Some people feel that if they fall asleep they miss out on how
wonderful their massage feels.  Drooling and snoring have been known to
happen as well… no worries!!

Is it appropriate to tip and how much?

In most Salons and Spas, the standard tip is between 18 – 20% of the cost of the
service provided.  In private practice the percentage is usually left to the
individual.  As with any service it is usually based on the quality of service.  
Examples: Was the therapist on time for the appointment?  Did they give the
type of massage you had discussed during the intake?  Were they helpful and
kind?  As always tips are never expected but are always appreciated!

I do not like to talk when I get worked on but I do not want my
therapist to think I am being antisocial or is it OK to talk during the

Not talking- If you would prefer not to talk during the session let your
therapist know before you start.  Talking- For some people, that is how they
relax.  They may work in an environment where they are not allowed to
socialize during the day. In either case your therapist should always take cues
from their clients, don’t speak unless you are spoken to and never over take the

Where will the therapist be when I disrobe?

After you have had the initial intake with the therapist about what the session
may involve, they will also explain how to position yourself on the table. The
therapist will leave the room to let you disrobe and get under the covers on the
table.  They will knock and ask if you are ready before entering the room.

My last session the pressure was not as deep as I would have liked.  
How do I address this with my therapist?

One of the most important things that clients need to remember is that this is
your session.  If the pressure your therapist is using is too light or too deep, let
him/her know!   Your deep tissue massage may be moderate pressure to
someone else.  Do not be afraid to tell your therapist “could you go lighter
with the pressure” or “deeper pressure would feel better”.  Also do not hesitate
to let your therapist know if you do not like the music, the room is too
hot/cold, lighting is too bright/dim.  It’s your session, make the most of it!

I feel self conscious about my body, how does the therapist feel?

Whether you are concerned about your weight, acne, scars or body hair, be
assured as a therapist that we keep the wellbeing, trust, and confidentiality of
our clients private and without judgment.  Working with our clients to help
them relax, de-stress, recover from injury or whatever the reason for massage
may be, it is our priority to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

I am not comfortable having a female/male massage therapist
working on me, how should I handle this when scheduling an

When making the appointment you can request a male or female therapist if
that is an option to you.  Whether you are a female who does not feel
comfortable with a woman therapist, a man who is not comfortable with a
male therapist or any other combination, it is important to keep in mind that
the goal for massage is to relax, be comfortable, and allow your body to get the
most out of the session.  If you are feeling the least bit uncomfortable, your
session may not have the outcome you were looking for.  

I have never received a massage before; will I be covered at all
times? Do I have to completely disrobe?

The Massachusetts State Law requires the draping of all clients.  This mea
ns using linens in a manner in which the dignity of the client is preserved at all
times.  If at any point you feel uncomfortable let your therapist know then
he/she will re-drape you. Undergarments can be left on or taken off depending
on your own comfort level.
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